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Roadside Attraction

Footprint Rock

U.S. Route 40
New Paris, OH 45347

A flat outcropping of glaciated rock on the north side of the road contains an impression that with a little imagination looks like a footprint. Local lore says this is a footprint of a prehistoric man. Geologists and archaeologists all agree that this is not a footprint but rather some other phenomenon. The print looks like a perfect outline of a size 9 Nikes. It's a bit much to think our prehistoric ancestors were so attired. Besides, those Nikes wouldn't hold up too long in the molten rock.

Still, legends die hard and if you challenge anyone in the area on this, they'll probably think you're itching for a fight.

I side with the scientists, but love the lore of the footprint legend. Some locals have been trying to convince ODOT to allow them to dig up the rock and move it. I say leave it where it is, even though claims that this is a prehistoric footprint are solid as a chocolate bunny on Easter morning.

If you head out looking for the footprint, it is right nest to the sign on the north side of Route 40. Blink and you'll miss it. It is just west of the driveway for the site of a long gone gas station.

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Foot Print Rock
Foot Print Rock

Foot Print Rock
Foot Print Rock

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