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Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions - Indiana

Here are links to some notable roadside attractions (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconNational Road Welcome Center (Richmond, IN)

Madonna of the TrailMadonna of the Trail - Indiana (Richmond, IN)
"The monument sits on the southwest corner of Glen Miller Park on U.S. Route 40 in Richmond, Indiana. This monument was dedicated on October 28, 1928......"

IconWayne County Museum/Friends Museum (Richmond, IN)

Wayne County CourthouseWayne County Courthouse (Richmond, IN)

Gennett RecordsGennett Records (site) (Richmond, IN)
"Gennett Records began in October, 19171, in Richmond, Indiana, by the Starr Piano Company. The record company was a Mecca for jazz musicians and over ......"

IconWorld's Largest Candle (Centerville, IN)

IconSalisbury Courthouse (Centerville, IN)
"This log cabin, constructed in 1811, is the oldest surviving courthouse from the original Northwest Territory. It stood in the county seat of Salisbu......"

Coffee Pot RestaurantCoffee Pot Restaurant (site) (Pennville, IN)
"What a fine looking building this was! Unfortunately, on November 30, 1991, the Coffee Pot burned to a crisp in a fire. You might say someone left an ......"

IconOverbeck House (Cambridge City, IN)

IconMuseum of Overbeck Art Pottery (Cambridge City, IN)

Huddleston House TavernHuddleston House Tavern (Cambridge City, IN)
"Built in 1839 by John Huddleston. Served as a residence for the Huddleston family and also as an inn......."

Giant Happy FaceGiant Happy Face (Greenfield, IN)
"This roadside oddity is made from building supplies......."

IconUncle Sam Muffler Man (gone) (Indianapolis, IN)

IconApril Love's Auto Sales (closed) (Indianapolis, IN)
"Not a roadside attraction, but certainly eye-catching. This car dealership rented cars that had giant farm animals on top: roosters, pigs, ducks, etc......."

IconGiant Pants and Shoes (gone) (Indianapolis, IN)
"This building used to feature a giant pair of pants and shoes on the exterior......."

IconGiant Milk Bottles (site) (Indianapolis, IN)

IconGiant Cattails (gone) (Indianapolis, IN)
"A tanning salon that used to operate here once had HUGE cattails in front of the building......."

IconJames Whitcomb Riley Home and Museum (Indianapolis, IN)

Woolworth BuildingWoolworth Building (Indianapolis, IN)

IconSoldiers and Sailors Monument (Indianapolis, IN)

IconBig Feet (gone) (Indianapolis, IN)
"There used to be a chain of gas stations around Indianapolis called Bigfoot Gas. There were giant green feet at most of the stations......."

IconGiant Yo Yo (gone) (Indianapolis, IN)

Occidental BuildingOccidental Building (site) (Indianapolis, IN)
"Built in 1914. This building was demolished on November 5, 1989. This location is now the Circle Center Mall......."

IconUnion Station (Indianapolis, IN)

Greyhound Bus StationGreyhound Bus Station (site) (Indianapolis, IN)
"This bus station was a former station for interurban trains. It has since been razed. This location is now a Hilton Hotel......."

IconMuffler Man (Indianapolis, IN)
"Named Mr. Bendo. Mr. Bendo from RoadsideArchitecture.com......."

IconIndiana Medical History Museum (Indianapolis, IN)
"Just the place to go before (or just after) lunch. The museum includes exhibits on autopsies and includes a display of brains in jars. Yum! Indiana......"

Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayIndianapolis Motor Speedway (Speedway, IN)

IconIndianapolis Motor Speedway (Indianapolis, IN)

Stiffy Green the BulldogStiffy Green the Bulldog (Terre Haute, IN)
"Oh, the story of Stiffy Green is way too long and far too complicated to repeat here. I'll give you two links in a moment where you can read two accou......"

IconVigo County Museum (Terre Haute, IN)

IconPaul Dresser Birthplace (Terre Haute, IN)

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