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Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions - Utah

Here are links to some notable roadside attractions (past and present) found along Route 40.

Dinah the DinosaurDinah the Dinosaur (Vernal, UT)
"Dinah formerly graced the entrance of the long-gone Motel Dine A Ville in Vernal. She was designed by Helen Millecam, co-owner of the Dine a Ville. ......"

Old sign from the Ute Trading PostUte Indian Trading Post (closed) (Vernal, UT)
"This building is now used as a motorcycle parts shop. The great old sign remains!......"

IconWestern Heritage Museum (Vernal, UT)

IconWorld's Largest Fishing Lure (Vernal, UT)

Pioneer MuseumPioneer Museum (Vernal, UT)

Cedar and pinon forest east of RooseveltCedar and Pinon Forest (Roosevelt, UT)

IconMoqui Indian Trading Post (Roosevelt, UT)

IconEcho Drive-In Theatre (Roosevelt, UT)

Salt Lake High SchoolEast High School (Salt Lake High School) (Salt Lake City, UT)

Liberty ParkLiberty Park (Salt Lake City, UT)

All Hallows CollegeAll Hallows College (site) (Salt Lake City, UT)
"The site of this former school is now an auto parts store......."

IconGravity Hill (Salt Lake City, UT)
"An optical illusion that makes it appear that cars are coasting uphill......."

IconFirst Presbyterian Church (Salt Lake City, UT)

IconSt. Mary's Cathedral (Cathedral of the Madeline) (Salt Lake City, UT)

IconMormon Battalion Monument (Salt Lake City, UT)

IconBlessed Virgin Mary in a Stump (site) (Salt Lake City, UT)
"The image of the BVM (a Catholic TLA) has been showing up in trees all over the place. (I guess with all of the Elvis sightings these days, Mary felt ......"

Memory ParkMemory Park (Salt Lake City, UT)

Eagle GateEagle Gate (Salt Lake City, UT)

Utah State CapitolState Capitol (Salt Lake City, UT)

Zion Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI)Zion Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI) (Salt Lake City, UT)

IconBoston and Newhouse Buildings (Salt Lake City, UT)

Brigham Young MonumentBrigham Young Monument (Salt Lake City, UT)

Brigham Young Monument and Mormon TempleMormon Temple (Salt Lake City, UT)

Mormon TabernacleTemple Square (Salt Lake City, UT)

Seagull MonumentSeagull Monument (Salt Lake City, UT)

Mormon Visitor CenterMormon Visitor Center (Salt Lake City, UT)

Mormon TabernacleMormon Tabernacle (Salt Lake City, UT)

LagoonLagoon (Salt Lake City, UT)

Bingham Canyon Mine (Bingham City, UT)

SaltairSaltair/Great Salt Lake State Park (UT)

Donner-Reed MuseumDonner-Reed Museum (Grantsville, UT)
"No, not Donna Reed. It's Donner-Reed as in George Donner and James Reed, the leaders of the ill-fated pioneering party of 1846. As these unlucky and i......"

Golden Spike National Historic SitePromontory Point - Golden Spike National Historic Site (Corinne, UT)

IconGreat Salt Lake Railroad Causeway (UT)

MetaphorMetaphor: Tree of Utah (UT)
"As you drive across the Salt Flats, you'll encounter nothing but 80 miles of nothing. The landscape is pretty stark. To the pioneers, this must have b......"

Bonneville Salt FlatsBonneville Speedway (Wendover, UT)

IconMuffler Man (site) (Wendover, UT)
"This cowboy Muffler Man was painted up to look like a rodeo clown. He stood atop a former old gas station serving as a pawn shop (conveniently located......"

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