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Hotels - Ohio

Here are links to some notable hotels (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconNational Road Inn (closed) (McPherson House) (Bridgeport, OH)
"Built before 1850......."

IconNational Road Inn (closed) (Hendrysburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1890......."

IconNational Road Inn (closed) (Hendrysburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1845. Now a private residence......."

IconValley Hotel (closed) (Kaplet's Market) (Old Washington, OH)

IconNational Road Inn (closed) (Old Washington, OH)
"Built ca. 1810. Used as a school house. Now a private residence......."

IconAmerican Hotel (closed) (Old Washington, OH)
"Built ca. 1825......."

Berwick HotelBerwick Hotel (closed) (Cambridge, OH)
"Built by Joseph Taylor in 1866. Named after Taylor's home town of North Berwick, Maine. Now an apartment building......."

Cambridge ViaductDepot Hotel (site) (Cambridge, OH)

Arlington HotelArlington Hotel (site) (Zanesville, OH)
"Built in 1882. Razed. The site is now a rental center......."

YMCAYMCA (site) (Zanesville, OH)

IconPalace Hotel (site) (Zanesville, OH)

IconZane Hotel (site) (Zanesville, OH)

IconAmerican Hotel (closed) (Kirkersville, OH)
"Built 1928. Now a nursing home......."

IconCentral Hotel (closed) (Dew Drop Inn) (Reynoldsburg, OH)
"Built ca. 1833. Now a nail salon......."

Plaza HotelPlaza Hotel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"Built 1895......."

Seneca HotelSeneca Hotel (Seneca Towers) (Columbus, OH)
"Built 1917. Now an apartment building......."

IconChristopher Inn (site) (Columbus, OH)

IconHotel Virginia (site) (Columbus, OH)

IconWestin Hotel (Southern Hotel) (Columbus, OH)

Neil House HotelNeil House Hotel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"From Searight's The Old Pike (1894): William Neil, the old stage proprietor, was the projector and owner of the Neil House, the leading hotel of Colu......"

Deshler-Wallick HotelDeshler-Wallick Hotel (site) (Columbus, OH)

Chittenden HotelChittenden Hotel (site) (Columbus, OH)
"Destroyed by fire on November 24, 1893. It was rebuilt. Today the site is a state office building......."

IconHotel Fort Hayes (Columbus, OH)
"There is an office building at this site......."

IconStar Hotel (closed) (West Jefferson, OH)
"Built ca. 1860......."

Shawnee HotelShawnee Hotel (closed) (Springfield, OH)
"Built 1916. Now an apartment building......."

Sheraton HotelApartments (Dayton Biltmore Hotel, Van Cleve Hotel, Sheraton Dayton) (Dayton, OH)
"Now an apartment building......."


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