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Diners - New Jersey

Here are links to some notable diners (past and present) found along Route 40. Click here to learn how I define the word diner. Click here for the other guidelines I use for including businesses on this site. Enjoy!

IconIsland Diner (Brigantine, NJ)
"Located a few miles north of Route 40 on Brigantine Island......."

IconPoseidon Diner (site) (Poseidon Bar and Grill) (Atlantic City, NJ)
"The last time I looked the site of this restaurant was a construction site. The Poseidon Bar and Grill 3 by iirraa, on Flickr......."

Kent's RestaurantKent's Restaurant (site) (Atlantic City, NJ)
"The last time I looked the site of this restaurant was a construction site......."

CookWhite Tower (Atlantic City, NJ)
"This is one of the last of a fading chain of greasy burger joints, it is located about twenty blocks away from the War Memorial on Route 40. A distant......"

Apollo DinerApollo Diner (site) (Atlantic City, NJ)
"The site of this former diner is now an office building......."

AC Diner logoAC Diner (Atlantic City, NJ)
"Located about a mile north of the eastern terminus of Route 40. It has a retro theme and 24-hour service......."

Centennial DinerCentennial Diner (relocated) (Atlantic City, NJ)
"Manufactured by Mountain View in 1952. This diner is now Jimmy's Diner in Cleveland, Ohio. See the Diversified Diners web site for more information......."

IconNew York Diner (Atlantic City, NJ)
"Located just five short blocks north of the eastern terminus of Route 40......."

Oder wheelWhite Tower (Atlantic City, NJ)
"This is one of the last of a fading chain of greasy burger joints, it is located about five blocks away from the War Memorial on Route 40. A distant c......"

IconPhoenix Diner (Absecon Diner) (Absecon, NJ)
"Manufacturer: Fodero (1950's)......"

IconDeLuca's Diner (closed?) (Margate City, NJ)
"A good place to stop if you're on your way to see Lucy the Margate Elephant!......"

IconZikos Diner (Pleasantville, NJ)
"About a mile north of Route 40......."

IconHygrade Diner (closed) (Pleasantville, NJ)
"I found an old matchbook for the Hygrade Diner, but I don't know anything about it......."

Hollywood/Olympia DinerOlympia Diner (Hollywood Diner) (Pleasantville, NJ)
"Manufactured by Fodero in 1969. This diner closed around 2000 and the diner structure was hauled away. An empty lot remains......."

IconDiamond Diner (Country Squire Diner) (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Shore DinerShore Diner (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)
"A few blocks south of Route 40, adjacent to the Days Inn in Pleasantville. Selected as the 2000 Best Diner by Atlantic City magazine and 2001 Best Din......"

IconGalloway Diner (Absecon, NJ)

McKee City DinerMcKee City Diner (site) (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)
"This old diner stood where the Lowe's is located......."

Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets (Mays Landing, NJ)
"In the Hamilton Mall......."

IconHarbor Diner (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Mays Landing DinerMays Landing Diner (Mays Landing, NJ)
"For years I had heard this diner had one of the largest diner menus to be found anywhere. On my visit (2008) I found they did have a large menu - but......"

54 Diner54 Diner (Buena, NJ)
"Manufactured by Mountain View (#425) in 1954. This is a cute little diner located in the pine barrens a short drive north of Route 40. It looks very......"

IconGolden Palace Diner (Vineland, NJ)

IconBig Apple Diner (site) (Vineland, NJ)
"There is now a drug store at this location......."

Malaga DinerMalaga Diner (South Star Diner) (Malaga, NJ)
"Manufactured by DeRaffele in 1985. This diner was closed for a short while, but it has reopened......."

IconThree Gee's Diner (Vineland, NJ)

Elmer DinerElmer Diner (Concord Diner) (Elmer, NJ)
"Manufactured by O'Mahoney in the 1950s. In the 1960's, it was replaced with a Kullman......."

The Pole Tavern Diner as it was found in the woods.Pole Tavern Diner (relocated) (Monroeville, NJ)
"Manufactured by Silk City in the 1940s. This diner was abandoned and left rotting in the woods. The good folks at Diversified Diners were able to ha......"

IconPoint 40 Diner (Monroeville, NJ)
"Manufactured by O'Mahoney in the 1950s......."

Woodstown DinerWoodstown Diner (Woodstown, NJ)
"Not exactly a chrome plated beauty, but diner fare all the same. I've had the pleasure of eating here and the food and service were very good. This d......"

Olympia DinerOlympia Diner (site?) (Penns Grove, NJ)

IconGolden Palace Diner (Carneys Point, NJ)

IconHi-Way Diner (May's Highway Diner) (Penns Grove, NJ)
"Manufacturer: Silk City (1930's)......"

IconTriangle Diner (site) (Penns Grove, NJ)
"Manufacturer: Mountain View......"

IconBoarding House (site) (Carneys Point, NJ)
"Manufacturer: Silk City......."

Deepwater DinerDeepwater Diner (Carneys Point, NJ)
"Manufactured by Silk City (#5809) in 1958......."

IconMichael's Diner (Pennsville, NJ)
"A short drive south of downtown Pennsville......."

G&L DinerGolden Gate II (G&L Diner) (Pennsville, NJ)

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