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Diners - Kansas

Here are links to some notable diners (past and present) found along Route 40. Click here to learn how I define the word diner. Click here for the other guidelines I use for including businesses on this site. Enjoy!

Ruby's Dagwood CafeRuby's Dagwood Cafe (Kansas City, KS)

IconNelle Belle's Diner (Kansas City, KS)

IconTaqueria Mexico? (Pop's Diner) (Kansas City, KS)

IconYour Diner (Kansas City, KS)
"From their web site: "...wholesome and delicious food In an environment of righteousness. Located in the heart of the community in Kansas City, Kansa......"

IconUptown Diner (Leawood, KS)

IconParadise Diner (closed?) (Overland Park, KS)

Trude's HamburgerTrude's Hamburger's (closed) (Perry, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1960's), Roadside model......"

L&J's CafeL&J's Cafe (Don's Drive-In, Patty's Place) (Topeka, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1971), Quick Food model......"

IconEl Mexcal (Dave's Diner, Gammon's Diner) (Topeka, KS)

IconOrtega's Taco Carryout (relocated) (Topeka, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

Old Valentine diner at the Shawnee County FairgroundsConcession Stand (site) (Topeka, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine This diner was dismantled and sold as scrap. Sigh........."

IconKansas Museum of History (museum display) (Topeka, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine The museum has rebuilt the interior of a Valentine diner......."

Bob's DinerBob's Diner (Manhattan, KS)

Stacy's RestaurantStacy's Restaurant (Junction City, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1954)......"

IconPusan Diner (Junction City, KS)

IconUnknown Diner (closed) (Enterprise, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine, Aristocrat model This diner is a few miles south of Route 40......."

Rock Liquor StoreRock Liquor Store (repurposed) (Albert Miller Liquor Store) (Abilene, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1949), Aristocrat model, serial number 767......"

Willie's BBQWillie's Bar-B-Q (closed) (Salina, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

Dunn's Barber ShopDunn's Barber Shop (closed) (Salina, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine......"

Old Valentine Diner in SalinaUnknown Diner (site) (Salina, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine This old Valentine was razed. Sigh........."

Fabulous 50s DinerFabulous 50s Diner (relocated) (Elkhorn Diner) (Ellsworth, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine (1967), Double Deluxe model This diner has ben relocated to Decatur City, Iowa, and is operating as th Dinky Diner......."

Liggett's KitchenLiggett's Kitchen (site) (Russell, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valentine This Valentine has been relocated......."

IconPenny's Diner (Sharon Springs, KS)
"Manufacturer: Valiant/Starlite A smoke-free diner. Part of a small region chain of classic diners......."

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