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Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions - Illinois

Here are links to some notable roadside attractions (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconHeart Theatre (Effingham, IL)

IconGiant Cross (Effingham, IL)
"About 20 communities along Route 40 declare themselves the Crossroads of America and Effingham is no different. New Castle (DE), Baltimore (MD), Hager......"

IconDriftstone Pueblo (Saint Elmo, IL)
"For westbound travelers, this is the first - and one of the few remaining - Native American-themed tourist attractions......."

IconLiberty Theatre (closed) (Vandalia, IL)

Madonna of the TrailMadonna of the Trail - Illinois (Vandalia, IL)
"The monument sits on the southeast corner of the Old State House, Vandalia, Illinois. Originally the monument stood at the south entrance of the forme......"

IconWorld's Largest Catsup Bottle (Collinsville, IL)
"This roadside attraction was built in 1949 by the W.E. Caldwell Company for the G.S. Suppiger catsup plant. It was nearly demolished, but when a devo......"

IconWorld's Largest Catsup Bottle (Collinsville, IL)
"Built between 1947 and 1949, the bottle/water tower was restored to its full original glory in 1995 at a cost of about $78,000. The bottle bears the n......"

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