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Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions - Kansas

Here are links to some notable roadside attractions (past and present) found along Route 40.

IconKansas Speedway (Kansas City, KS)
"I know there are some NASCAR fans who will take issue with me, but I'm really not too happy about this race track. In a way, I'd actually prefer you ......"

Granada TheatreGranada Theatre (Lawrence, KS)

ComancheComanche (Lawrence, KS)
"Yes, there actually was a U.S. survivor at the Battle of Little Bighorn. His name was Comanche (ironic, huh?) and he was a horse belonging to Captain ......"

IconNatural History Museum at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)

IconUniversity of Kansas Natural History Museum & Biodiversity Research Center (Lawrence, KS)

J.G. Rees and SonsJ.G. Rees and Sons (closed) (Topeka, KS)

IconWorld's Largest Meat Cleaver (site) (Topeka, KS)
""Untitled II" by Robert Craig. W.L. Meat Cleaver, Topeka KS by worldslargestthings, on Flickr......."

IconGiant Painted Egg (Topeka, KS)
"World's Largest Russian Decorated Egg by worldslargestthings, on Flickr......."

IconFire Hydrant Garden (Topeka, KS)

IconGiant Wren (Topeka, KS)
"This giant wren was from the WREN radio station. World's Largest Wren by worldslargestthings, on Flickr......."

IconOz Museum (Wamego, KS)
"There's no place like Wamego, Kansas. Oz Museum by einmyria, on Flickr......."

IconWizard of Oz Museum (Wamego, KS)

Madonna of the TrailMadonna of the Trail - Kansas (Council Grove, KS)
"This monument stands on the east bank of the Neosho River at Main Street (U.S. Route 56). The monument was dedicated on September 7, 1928. The insc......"

IconJohnny Kaw (Manhattan, KS)
"In the 1950's a bunch of Kansasans wanted a folk hero so they invented Johnny Kaw. In 1966, at a cost of $7,000, a 30-foot concrete statue was erected......"

IconFirst Territorial Capitol of Kansas (Fort Riley, KS)

IconAtomic Cannon (Junction City, KS)
"In the frenzy of the post WWII nuclear buildup, someone (obviously not a rocket scientist) though up the idea of shooting nuclear weapons from a canno......"

IconCuster Home (also known as Building 24) (Junction City, KS)
"Long believed to be where George and Libby Custer lived between 1866-67, historians now believe he lived in the smaller Building 21 which burned down ......"

Corset AdHeritage Underwear Show (Junction City, KS)
"If you call the museum in advance, they will stage a fashion show of antique underwear. The models aren't exactly out of the pages of the Victoria's S......"

IconGeary County Historical Society (Junction City, KS)

IconMuseum of Independent Telephony (Abilene, KS)
"Abilene is the home of a museum that salutes the nearly 6,000 babiest of the baby Bells, the independent telephone company. At one time, there were ne......"

Dwight Eisenhower HomeDwight Eisenhower Home (Abilene, KS)
"Ike lived in this house freom 1891 to 1911. The house was moved here from its original location......."

IconGreyhound Hall of Fame (Abilene, KS)

IconGreyhound Hall of Fame (Abilene, KS)
"In addition to billing itself as the once "wickedest and wildest" town of the old west and the home of Dwight Eisenhower, Abilene also claims to be th......"

IconPrehistoric Indian Burial Pits (closed) (New Cambria, KS)
"This was quite the controversial tourist attraction! How would you feel if your ancestor's burial ground were dug up and their remains placed on disp......"

Snyder after target practiceBones of Snyder (Salina, KS)
"Snyder was an elephant with the Sells-Floto Circus. Sadly, on September 13, 1920, the performing pachyderm got loose and decided to do his own circus ......"

IconSmoky Hill Museum (Salina, KS)

IconBlue Heaven Studios (Salina, KS)

C.M. Estep Cash MarketEstep Market (site) (Salina, KS)
"This store was run by Chalmer and Maude Estep. The site is now a garage......."

IconRock City (Minneapolis, KS)
"This park has the world's largest collection of sandstone concretions......."

IconMushroom Rock State Park (Marquette, KS)
"An unusual rock formation. Also, Kansas' smallest state park!......"

IconWilson Opera House (site) (Wilson, KS)
"This historic building was destroyed in a fire on November 6, 2009. ......"

IconWorld's Largest Collection of the Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things (Lucas, KS)

Bob DoleBob Dole Birthplace (Russell, KS)

IconSt. Fidelis Church (Victoria, KS)

St. Fidelis ChurchSt. Fidelis Church (Cathedral of the Plains) (Victoria, KS)

IconSternberg Museum of Natural History (Hays, KS)

IconOld Fort Hays (Hays, KS)

IconEllis Railroad BK&E Miniature Train Museum (Ellis, KS)

Ellis Opera HouseOpera House (closed) (Ellis, KS)

IconBukovina Society of the Americas (Ellis, KS)

Walter P. Chrysler Childhood HomeWalter P. Chrysler Childhood Home (Ellis, KS)

IconCedar Bluff State Park (Ellis, KS)
"Limestone, chalk and sandstone cliff along Cedar Bluff Reservoir......."

IconCastle Rock and Castle Rock Badlands (Quinter, KS)
"Natural chalk rock formations. You can get there in a car, however, an SUV is recommended......."

Post OfficePost Office (Grainfield, KS)

Grainfield Opera HouseGrainfield Opera House (Grainfield, KS)

Grainfield LibraryGrainfield Library (Grainfield, KS)

Monument RocksMonument Rocks (also known as Chalk Pyramids) (Oakley, KS)
"70 foot tall natural chalk rock formations......."

IconFick Fossil Museum (Oakley, KS)

IconPrairie Dog Town and World's Largest Prairie Dog (Oakley, KS)
"There are no rattlesnake towns left on Route 40, but Prairie Dog Town is as close as anyone these days is going to get. If you're driving I-70, you ca......"

Twistee TreatTwistee Treat (site) (Oakley, KS)
"This business was one of the finest examples of programmatic architecture remaining on Route 40. It was a welcome treat after driving across Kansas on......"

IconGiant Van Gogh Painting and World's Largest Easel (Goodland, KS)
"Canadian artist Cameron Cross picked Goodland as one of the locations for his Van Gogh sunflower project. If you're driving on I-70 (the old Route 40N......"

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