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Clarysville Hotel (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Clarysville Inn

16398 Old National Road
Clarysville, MD 21532

This historic inn served as an army hospital during the Civil War. The inn burned to the ground March 10, 1999.

From the Maryland Historical Trust (1976):

The Clarysville Inn stands along the old section of the National Road, U.S. Route 40, to the south of the present road at Clarysville. It is a mid-19th century brick structure, 2 1/2 storys [sic] high, with internal double end chimneys and a wing to the back (south) side. It consists of a symmetrical facade (north) of five bays with center doors on both floors and a center hall with four-over-four arrangement of rooms on the interior. The bricks are well coated with paint. The facade has wood cornice and three dormers which originally had smaller gable roofs. The cornice and the semicircular one-story front porch were probably added about the turn of the century. The end walls between the double chimneys have fanlights. The principal windows have double-hung wooden sashes with six-over-six lights. The east end wall has the supposed date of construction (1807) painted on it. The first floor of the interior was renovated in recent years for large dining facilities. A modern wing projects to the east.

Constructed in the mid-1800s, the Clarysville Inn and addition is still used today as a restaurant and hotel. Supposed to have been built circa 1807, the building exhibits architectural features of the 1840s-50s period in Allegany County, and is similar to the 1842 Casselman Hotel in Grantsville, Garrett County. The Inn was used as a hospital during the Civil War. M. M. Townsend, a doctor from Eckhart was its director.

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John Kennedy Lacock Photograph from Robert Bruce's <i>The National Road</i>: Close view of the Clarysville Hotel, as it stands today on the Old Pike, about nine miles west of Cumberland.
John Kennedy Lacock Photograph from Robert Bruce's The National Road: Close view of the Clarysville Hotel, as it stands today on the Old Pike, about nine miles west of Cumberland.

Clarysville Inn Fire, 1999
Clarysville Inn Fire, 1999. Photo: Cumberland Times.

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