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Brown's Stand (site)

Frederick Road
West Friendship, MD 21794

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

An old tavern, known as the Brown Stand, four miles west of Pine Orchard, was a popular stopping place for wagoners in its day. In 1838 Levi Chambers took charge of this house, and continued to conduct it until 1842. He was called 'Nullifier' Chambers, because of his adherence to the nullification doctrine, announced and advocated by John C. Calhoun. He, however, knew how to keep a tavern, and was a sober and intelligent man. On the first of January, 1841, John Crampton and William Orr, old wagoners before mentioned, drove out from Baltimore with full loads, and put up at the Brown Stand. During the night a box of silk goods was stolen from Orr's wagon. The loss was discovered early in the morning, and Orr and Chambers each mounted a horse and pushed out in the direction of Baltimore, in search of the stolen goods and the thief. There was a light snow on the road, and tracks were visible, indicative of rapid steps toward the east. Reaching Baltimore, Messrs. Orr and Chambers entered the bar room of the May Pole tavern, in which a number of persons were drinking, and among them one, who, from his actions, was suspected as the thief. He was arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to the penitentiary.

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