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Toll House

Toll House (closed)

5617 Old National Pike
Frederick, MD 21702

Built ca. 1810. Now a private residence.

From the Maryland Historical Trust:

The two-story dwelling is identified on the 1858 and 1873 maps and by Mrs. Grace Summers Stone, a native of Braddock, as the former toll house on the National Road. This may indicate that the earliest part of the building may date from about 1810, although land records are unclear on its early history. It is possibly log under the current pressboard siding and has been much altered over many years. Brick faces the Foundation on the main section and the roof is covered with composition. The main entrance has been relocated to the west elevation and is sheltered by an entry porch. The north elevation has 6/6 sash and louvered shutters. Interior end chimneys are located on the east and west elevations. A two-story rear window extends to the south and has replacement shutters. A frame garage with german siding and a standing seam metal roof is located south of the house. It had modern paired 1/1 windows and shutters on the north elevation, but the stone foundation indicates that it may be a late 19th century structure in its original form. In the 1880's, a post office was established in Braddock and the gatekeeper on the toll road, Daniel Grumbine, was designated as the postmaster.

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Toll House
Toll House. Photo: Maryland Historical Trust

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