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Shady Bower Tavern (closed)

Formerly/Also Known As Wolsey's Tavern

13743 National Pike
Clear Spring, MD 21722

Now a privtae residence.

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

One mile west of Miller's [Tavern] is Shady Bower. There a tavern was kept by Conrod Wolsey. His house was well favored by wagoners, who sought his generous board in goodly numbers, and while well liked by his customers, he got the name of 'Dirty Spigot,' because the spigot of a whisky barrel in his house was once besmeared with filth. There was a large distillery near Wolsey's tavern, operated by Barnes Mason. Mason had two teams on the road, driven by William Keefer and Joseph Myers.

From the Maryland Historical Trust:

Shady Bower is a small group of houses along U.S. Route 40, the Old National Pike, east of Clear Spring. Most of the houses are built of log and covered with wooden or asbestos shingle siding. The largest house in the group is a two story, five bay stone structure built of roughly coursed native limestones. Centered above its openings are small blocks resembling keystones. First story windows have nine over six pane sashes while those at the second story have six over six pane sashes. The building, now a dwelling is said to have been an inn or tavern during the 19th century.

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Shady Bower
Shady Bower, December 1976. Photo: Maryland Historical Trust.

Shady Bower
Shady Bower, December 1976. Photo: Maryland Historical Trust.

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