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Turnbull Tavern (site)

National Pike
Town Hill, MD 21766

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

Two miles west of Mrs. Ashkettle's [Tavern] the wayfarer struck the point bearing the homely name of 'Snib Hollow.' These old names never wear out, no matter how ugly they are, and it is well they do not. They all have a significance and an interest, local or otherwise, which would be lost by a change of name. Quidnuncs in history and literature have exerted their restless talents in efforts to obliterate these seemingly rude, old names, and substitute fancy ones in their stead, but they have failed, and their failure is a pleasant tribute to the supremacy of common sense. As early as 1825 the widow Turnbull kept a tavern at Snib Hollow.

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