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Temple of Juno (site?)

Main Street
Addison, PA 15411

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

Less than a mile west of Newbury, on the north side of the road, an old building once used as a tavern, attracts special attention by reason of the singular style of its architecture. It is a wooden structure, commonly called a frame, with an unusually high portico in front, supported by four round and tall wooden columns, tapering upward and downward from the centers. It reminds one of the old pictures of the temple of Juno, and possibly the designer had that ancient temple in view when he planned this old tavern. He is said to have been a native of the vicinity, not likely versed in the classic orders of architecture, but the style he adopted in this instance might reasonably be regarded as the Monogynous. Two immense stables appurtenant to this old tavern, one log, the other frame, both still standing, weather beaten, empty, and useless, bear silent, but impressive testimony to the thrift of other days, and impart a tinge of melancholy to the memories of the old pike. Daniel Show was the original owner of the quaint old building above described, and its first occupant. He sold it to Samuel Easter, who conducted it for a brief period, and was succeeded by Peter Lenhart, mentioned hereinafter as 'Shellbark.' Samuel Thompson succeeded Lenhart, and he in 1846 was succeeded by Mrs. Metzgar, who subsequently became the wife of John Olwine.

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Temple of Juno
Temple of Juno

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