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Shellbark (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Lenhart's Tavern, Ebert's Tavern

National Pike (no longer exists)
Jockey Hollow, PA 15424

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

The first old tavern west of the 'Big Crossings,' and the first in Fayette county, Pa. (for the river here is the boundary line between the counties of Fayette and Somerset), is that which for many years was kept by Peter Lenhart, commonly known as 'Shellbark.' This is a two-story house, originally built with logs, but subsequently weather-boarded and painted red. The red, however, has long since disappeared, and it now wears the dingy, dark colored hue that settles upon all ancient buildings. A man named Ebert built this house and occupied it as a private residence. He was a tanner by trade, and a justice of the peace. He sold out to Peter Lenhart's father, who occupied the house also as a private residence until his death, when his son Peter succeeded him and opened up the house as a tavern, and soon after added a distillery. The house had a good custom and 'Shellbark' was prosperous. He was an eccentric man, and like Orator Puff, had two tones to his voice. He had a habit, upon rising every morning, of cutting a large slice from a loaf of bread, spreading it with butter, and eating it in connection with a glass of whiskey. He enjoyed this matutinal habit for many years, and rarely omitted it. Why he was called 'Shellbark' is not accurately known. He was in early life an old-line Democrat, but in later years got 'mixed up,' and seemed to have lost his political moorings. He died a few years ago, and his widow and daughter remain in the old house, occasionally entertaining strangers and travelers in very satisfactory style.

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