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Sheep's Ear Tavern (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Dean's Tavern

National Pike
Farmington, PA 15437

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

There was a little log house a short distance west of Charley Rush's old stand, which was kept as a tavern for a few years by Edward Dean. It was not one of the original taverns, and not considered 'regular.' The pike boys of the neighborhood called it the 'Sheep's Ear.' Its chief business consisted in selling whisky at three cents a drink, which was the price of whisky all along the road. F. H. Oliphant, the well known iron manufacturer, probably the oldest in the State, once put a line of wagons on the road to carry goods and merchandise from Brownsville to Cumberland. The wagons were drawn by mules, and the teams changed at fixed points along the road. This old Dean House was one of the stopping places of this line. One night some mischievous person, or persons, cut the harness of one of the teams into shreds, so that Oliphant's line did not move out the next morning from the 'Sheep's Ear.' Another house of similar proportions and character near by, was kept by Thomas Dean. It was known in the neighborhood as the 'Bull's Head.' It was the custom of the pike boys of the neighborhood to collect together in these old houses, when they were kept as taverns, now at one and then at the other, to 'while away' the long winter evenings, and enjoy themselves in dancing and revelry. Nicholas McCartney often attended these festive gatherings when a young man, and could relate many interesting incidents and anecdotes connected with the 'Sheep's Ear' and 'Bull's Head' inns.

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