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Toll House

Toll House (site)

3389 National Pike
Farmington, PA 15437

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

One of the old stone toll houses stood a short distance east of the Monroe Springs, and remained until 1893, when it was torn down. Hiram Seaton was one of the early collectors at this point. He was the father of C. S. Seaton, the well known banker of Uniontown. He subsequently served two terms as County Treasurer. He had a wooden leg, and was esteemed as an honest man. He went west, settled in Missouri, and died there. He was succeeded as toll collector by Robert McDowell, always thereafter called 'Gate Bob,' to distinguish him from a number of other well known citizens bearing the same name. Robert McDowell was also an honest man, a popular man and a fighting man. He was tall, thin and muscular. His fingers were distorted by rheumatism, but he could use them in a fight with terrible effect. He was the Democratic candidate for county commissioner of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, in 1854, but beaten by the Know Nothings. He died a few years ago at Dunbar, very greatly lamented. The memory of 'Gate Bob' will long remain fresh in the recollection of the pike boys, old and young.

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