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McKinney's Tavern (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Rush's Tavern, Gaither's Tavern, Hair's Tavern, Dillon's Tavern, Mauler's Tavern, Foster's Tavern, Ogg's Tavern

3354 National Pike
Farmington, PA 15437

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

The next old tavern was at Monroe Springs, on the hillside, a short distance west of one of the old round toll houses. This house was built by Charles McKinney, and opened up by him as a tavern. It was a log house, weather-boarded, of small dimensions, now entirely obliterated. Boss Rush commenced his career as a tavern keeper in the old house at this point, and it was kept at various times by such well known men as Wm. S. Gaither, German D. Hair, Wm. Dillon, Morris Mauler, John Rush, John Foster and David Ogg. It was essentially a wagon stand, and night after night, in the prosperous era of the road, the ground all around it was crowded with big wagons and teams, and the old bar room rang out with the songs and jokes of the jolly wagoner. Opposite the house a large water-trough was erected, kept full and overflowing from a spring near by, called 'The Monroe Spring,' in honor of President Monroe. When McKinney kept this house President Monroe passed along the road, and a public dinner was given him here. John Hagan, then a contractor on the original construction of the road, was prominently connected with the bestowal of this compliment upon the old-time President. The few old folks who have personal recollections of this event, speak of it as a memorable and exciting occasion. The dinner was substantial and superb, and highly enjoyed by all participating, including the illustrious guest. John Hagan was the father of Robert Hagan, esq., ex-commissioner of Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

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