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Downer's Tavern (closed)

Formerly/Also Known As Rush's Tavern, Shipley's Tavern, Olwine's Tavern

2958 National Pike
Chalk Hill, PA 15421

(724) 439-6500


Now a retail shop (Countree Cupboard and Christmas Shop).

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

The tavern house was built here in 1823 by Jonathan Downer, who was its first host. He was succeeded by Boss Rush, and he in turn by Springer Downer, Samuel Shipley, William Shipley and Milford Shipley. John Olwine now owns the property, and keeps tavern here. It is a two-story frame, with commodious stabling attached. Boss Rush went from this house to Farmington. Samuel Shipley bought this property at an Orphans' Court sale, in 1846, for $1,405, and paid for it in gold. Westley Frost was the sheriff and trustee to sell. Shipley subsequently became an associate judge. He was more fortunate than his neighbor and fellow inn keeper, Boss Rush, in belonging to the strong side. Rush was one of his competitors on the Republican side.

Note: Searight is in error. The tavern is stone and not a frame house.

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