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Abel Colley Tavern (closed)

Formerly/Also Known As Grimes's Tavern, Moxley's Tavern

7119 National Pike
Uniontown, PA 15401

Now a private residence.

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

Over the hill from Searights is the old Abel Colley stand. The old tavern here, in the flourishing era of the road, did a large business, mainly in the line of entertaining wagoners. While all the taverns of the road were more or less patronized by wagoners, excepting a few which were exclusively stage houses, they had favorite stopping places, and the Abel Colley tavern was one of these. The old proprietor and his family had methods and manners which were agreeable to wagoners, and they made it a point to stop at this house in great numbers. The bills were moderate, yet the patronage was so extensive and continued so long that Abel Colley accumulated a considerable fortune at this old tavern, and when trade and travel ceased built a fine brick residence on the roadside opposite, where he retired with his family to private life, and in a few years thereafter died. Nancy, the wife of the old tavern keeper, is well remembered as a large, amiable woman, who habitually wore an expansive cap of the Queen Anne style. She long since passed to the life beyond. W. Searight Colley, a son of Abel, now occupies and owns the brick dwelling mentioned, with a fine farm adjacent. Peter Colley, of the old Hunter tavern before mentioned, was likewise a son of Abel, and he had a son, Levi, a farmer and freeholder, who died a number of years ago on the old Covert farm, near Moxley's, now in the occupancy of one of his sons. The Abel Colley tavern is still standing, a monument, like many others, of the faded glories of the old pike. This old house was kept as early as the year 1825 by Darius Grimes, and after him by Thomas Moxley. In Moxley's time it was called the 'Green Tree,' and the writer remembers the picture of the green tree which appeared on the sign board that hung and swung for many years in front of this old tavern. Abel Colley took charge after Moxley left. According to the recollection of Ebenezer Finley, as appears by his letter in the Appendix to this volume, the Abel Colley tavern, was kept by Samuel Wolverton and by Hugh Thompson, and this must have been previous to the time of Darius Grimes. It was certainly before Moxley's time.

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