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Wallace's Tavern (closed)

Formerly/Also Known As Baily's Tavern

6293 National Pike
Grindstone, PA 15442

Now a private residence.

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

A little over a mile further west a plastered stone house, on the north side of the road, was kept as a tavern at intervals, during the prosperous era of the road. It is not, however, to be classed among the old taverns of the road. It was first kept as a tavern previous to 1840 by Arthur Wallace. Isaac Baily subsequently kept it for a brief period, and enjoyed a good measure of patronage. Baily afterward became postmaster at Brownsville, and finally a member of the Fayette county, Pennsylvania, bar. He was a shrewd Yankee, and an active local politician. His wife was a daughter of Solomon Colley, of the large family of Colleys of the vicinity. George Craft once lived in this house, and occasionally entertained strangers and travelers, but was not a regular tavern keeper. This was also the residence at one time of 'Jackey Craft,' known as an eccentric character, who was in the habit of starting out over the road in a sleigh with bells, when there was no snow on the ground. Before his mind became unbalanced, 'Jackey' was a pushing, money making citizen, but his life went out under a cloud of mental derangement, causing deep regret among his many friends.

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