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Brubaker's Tavern (site)

609 National Pike
Brownsville, PA 15417

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

The next old tavern stand on the westward tramp is Brubaker's, a fine brick building on the north side near Brownsville. Daniel Brubaker purchased this property from David Auld, and went into possession in the year 1826, and from that date until his death was its constant occupant, with the exception of a very brief period that it was occupied and kept as a tavern by Alexander R. Watson. Mr. Brubaker survived the business era of the road, and died in his old tavern. He was a Pennsylvania Dutchman, born in Somerset county, and possessed the thrift characteristic of his race. Although economical and saving, he was not stinted in providing for the comfortable entertainment of his guests, and enjoyed a large patronage, especially in the line of wagon custom. After ascending the long hill out from Brownsville, going east, old wagoners found a pleasant resting place at Brubaker's. Alex. R. Watson will be remembered by the old folks of the road as a man of small stature, but considerable energy, who, about forty-five years ago, ran an omnibus line between Brownsville and Uniontown for the conveyance of passengers.

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