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Marshall House (site)

164 Market Street
Brownsville, PA 15417

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

Further down the main street and on the south side near the present location of the old Monongahela Bank, was the Marshall House. This house was first kept as a tavern by William Reynolds, who was an agent of the Adams Express Company. Mr. Reynolds previously kept the old Abrams House in Petersburg. He did a good business at the Marshall House, which was headquarters for the Express Company. This house was subsequently kept at different times by Hiram Holmes, Isaac Vance, Harvey Schroyer, J.W. Kisinger and William Garrett. After Reynolds left it the name was changed, and it was known as the Petroleum House. It has not been used as a tavern for a number of years.
William Reynolds was a native of Brownsville, born in 1804, and drove his father's team between Baltimore and Wheeling, before reaching his majority. He kept tavern in Petersburg five years, and moved from that place to Brandonville, Virginia, where he engaged in a mercantile venture, as a partner of his uncle, Zalmon Ludington, esq. After a brief experience as a merchant, he returned to his father's old tavern west of Keyser's Ridge, and afterward resumed tavern keeping in Petersburg. From Petersburg he went to Brownsville. He was killed in a railroad accident near Pittsburg in 1856, while in the service of the Adams Express Company. His son John is postmaster at Confluence, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and William Hartman, the unfortunate brakeman who was shot and killed on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, near Dunbar, in August, 1893, was a grandson of William Reynolds.

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