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Clark House (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Byer's Tavern, Brown's Tavern, Mason's Tavern, Shroyer's Tavern, Story's Tavern, Theakston's Tavern

Market Street
Brownsville, PA 15417

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

The old Clark mansion, located at the east end of 'the neck' in Brownsville, was converted to a tavern about forty-five years ago, and became the headquarters of the Good Intent stage line. It was first opened up as a tavern by Andrew Byers, who had previously kept the Clinton House in Uniontown. When Byers left it Daniel Brown, the old stage agent, took charge of it and conducted it for a brief period. Daniel Brown's reputation as a model tavern keeper has been adverted to in another chapter. After Brown's time the patronage of this house was mostly of a local character. The Clark House was kept for a while after Brown left it by Capt. Morgan Mason, who subsequently located in St. Louis, where he still resides, a leading citizen, and an ex-sheriff of that city. The widow Schroyer also kept this house, and Matthew Story, and it is at present kept by the Theakston Brothers.

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