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Monongahela River Bridge (site)

Brownsville, PA 15417

This was the original bridge across the Monongahela River. It was replaced in 1914.

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

It is but a short distance from the iron bridge before mentioned to the long wooden bridge over the Monongahela river. This bridge, although a link of the National Road, was not built by the government. It is a private enterprise, and was erected in 1833. In 1810 an act was passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, authorizing the Governor to incorporate a company to build and operate a bridge at this point; but for some cause the company was not organized, and in 1830 a company was incorporated by the Legislature. Ephraim L. Blaine, father of the brilliant and popular statesman, was an incorporator under the provisions of the act of 1830, and the company authorized by that act promptly organized, and completed the bridge at the date above mentioned. Neil Gillespie, the grandfather of James G. Blaine, was named in the act of 1810, above mentioned, as one of the commissioners to solicit and receive subscriptions of stock for the bridge.

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