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Gooding's Tavern (site)

Formerly/Also Known As Coding's Tavern

National Road
Wheeling, WV 26003

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

Three miles further west the old tavern of Mrs. Gooding, another widow, is reached. The site of this old tavern is now covered by the flourishing village of Elm Grove. Mrs. Gooding had a wide fame as a hostess, and her house was crowded by patrons. It is a stone building, still standing, situate on the south side of the road. Old wagoners to this day, enthuse over the sumptuousness of the widow Coding's table. Sleighing parties from Wheeling frequented this old tavern in the halcyon days of the road, and were handsomely entertained.
“Oh, the songs they would sing, and the tales they would spin,
As they lounged in the light of the old country inn.
But a day came at last when the stage brought no load
To the gate, as it rolled up the long, dusty road.
And lo! at the sunrise a shrill whistle blew
O'er the hills—and the old yielded place to the new—
And a merciless age with its discord and din
Made wreck, as it passed, of the pioneer inn.”

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