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Cross-Country Route 40 Bike Trip - Day 2: Davis to Rainbow Lodge, California


Distance: 91.1 miles
Description: The journey begins in the Central Valley before making its climb up the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In short, it is a 100+ mile uphill ride all day. You will need to travel on portions of I-80 in three places: across the Yolo Causeway west of Sacramento (about 2.5 miles), just southwest of Auburn (about .2 miles; it may be legal to bike across this section) and again east of Yuba Pass (about 3 miles). This section mainly follows one or more of the Route 40 alignments and roughly parallels the path of the Transcontinental Railroad. Northeast of Colfax, this route makes use of some PG&E service roads to avoid traveling on the Interstate Highway. This section ends at Rainbow Lodge in Tahoe National Forest.
Details and Map: Bikely.com
GIS Data Files: Google Earth (KML) | GPX

Important Notice: Please note that if you elect to follow this itinerary, you do so at your own risk. Failure to exercise good judgment can result in traffic violation citations, injury and even death. I can assume no responsibility for any errors in this information, nor can I be held responsible for anything that may occur while traveling along this route. If you are unsure about the legality of pedestrian travel along any of the roads described here, please consult with state and local law enforcement agencies.

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