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Roadside Attraction

Lucy, the Margate Elephant

9200 Atlantic Avenue
Margate City, NJ 08402-2449

(609) 823-6473
(609) 823-1895 FAX


Built in the 1880's, Lucy still stands thanks to a relocation and the work of some dedicated preservationists. In this 1920's postcard on below, Lucy is known as the 'Elephant Hotel.' She is also known as the World's Largest Elephant.

Lucy has been renovated and continues to draw crowds.

Lucy the Elephant - Margate, <a href="page.asp?n=1437">New Jersey</a>
Lucy the Elephant - Margate, New Jersey by dougtone, on Flickr.

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Lucy, the Margate Elephant
Lucy, the Margate Elephant. Postcard ca. 1930.

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Posted by: RVWheelLife on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 10:45:03 AM

I love Lucy. I remember the first time she came into view and I felt a huge smile broke out on my face. Call her old fashion, corny or past her prime--she is still a delight for the whole family.

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