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Historic Site

Fort Necessity National Battlefield

1 Washington Parkway
Farmington, PA 15437-9501

(724) 329-5811
(724) 329-8682 FAX


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Fort Necessity, 1903
Fort Necessity, 1903.

Map of Fort Necessity
Map of Fort Necessity. A = Lewis' Survey. B = Sparks's Plan. Click here for a larger display.

Map of Fort Necessity
Map of Fort Necessity.

Braddock's Road near Fort Necessity, 1903
Braddock's Road near Fort Necessity, 1903.

Fort Necessity
Fort Necessity, ca. 1930. Note the old fort design, the parking lot just beyond and Mount Washington Tavern on the hillside above. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Fort Necessity
Fort Necessity, June 2008.

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Posted by: Davulis on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 9:45:31 PM

This is a "must visit" site. The Park Service has done a very good job here, frankly as at so many other sites as well. Found it so easy to time travel backwards and get a feel for the hardships, the countryside, and the frontier of that time. The fighting must have been desperate. It seems like such a lonely spot to fight and be caught up in such a global conflict - yet another war between France and Britain. You have to visit the site.

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