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Big Crossings Bridge (submerged)

874 Lake Side Road
Somerfield, PA 15411

From Searight's The Old Pike (1894):

At Somerfield the road crosses the Youghiogheny river over a large, handsome and substantial stone bridge, three hundred and seventy-five feet in length, with three symmetrical arches, and appropriately named by old pike boys the Big Crossings. A large dressed stone in the wall of this bridge above the surface of the road, and near the eastern end, bears the inscription; 'Kinkead, Beck & Evans, builders, July 4th, 1818.' The day of the month, the anniversary of Independence, is given because on that day the bridge was finished, and the occasion was celebrated with great eclat. The inhabitants of the mountains for miles around, male and female, old and young, with old fashioned banners and old fashioned music, turned out in great numbers, inspired by that genuine patriotism which characterized the early period of our country's independence, while yet many of the soldiers of the revolution were living, and were addressed in eloquent terms by the Hon. Andrew Stewart, Col. Samuel Evans, Hon. John Dawson and John M. Austin, of Uniontown.

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Big Crossings Bridge
Big Crossings Bridge. 1910.

Somerfield Dam Bridge.  The older Big Crossing Bridge is underwater to the left.
Somerfield Dam Bridge. The older Big Crossing Bridge is underwater to the left. 1940.

Big Crossings Bridge
Big Crossings Bridge

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