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Roadside Attraction

Reno Arch

Virginia Avenue at Commercial Row
Reno, NV 89501

The first arch across Virginia Avenue was erected in 1926 as part of the Transcontinental Highways Exposition. City leaders asked for suggestions for a city slogan and the winning entry came from G. A. Burns of Sacramento who suggested 'The biggest little city in the world.' Burns was rewarded with a $100 prize. The slogan was eventually removed but an uproar resulted in its return.

In 1935, a new arch was erected. It was replaced in 1963 and it the second arch currently spans Lake Street at the National Automobile Museum.

A third arch made its debut in 1963 and it is known as the Mod Arch for its 1960s design. This sign lasted until 1987 when it was removed and eventually relocated to Willits, California.

The fourth arch is by far the most elaborate to date. It features neon lettering surrounded by twinkling chaser lights.

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Reno Arch
The second Reno Arch. 1940 postcard.

Reno Arch
The second Reno Arch. 1950 postcard.

Reno Arch at Night
The second Reno Arch at Night. 1950 postcard.

Reno Arch at Night
The second Reno Arch at Night. 1952 postcard.

Reno Arch
The third Reno Arch (aka the Mod Arch). Postcard ca. 1970.

Reno Arch
Directly under the third arch. Postcard ca. 1970.

Reno Arch
Postcard ca. 1990.

Reno Arch
The fourth arch. Postcard ca. 1985.

Reno Arch
Postcard ca. 1980.

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