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Edward Braddock

Edward Braddock


Edward Braddock was born in Scotland in January of 1895. At the age of 15 he began his military career. He came to America in 1755 and was commanded to rid the French from Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh). He led a column of 1,850 men westerward including a young George Washington and later frontiersman Daniel Boone.

After arriving at Fort Cumberland in Maryland, Braddock's army blazed a military road using previous trails as their guide. This new road would be known as Braddock's Road.

On July 8, 1755, Braddock's soldiers encountered fierce opposition of French and Indian fighters and Braddock was mortally wounded. He was carried in a wagon but he died along the way to Fort Cumberland. He was buried in the middle of the road his men had blazed in an attempt to hide his body. George Washington presided the funeral service. In 1804, roadbuilders discovered Braddock's remains and reinterred them on a small knoll above the old roadbed.

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Edward Braddock
Edward Braddock.

Braddock's Burial
Braddock's Burial.

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