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Arches of Memory Bridge

Formerly/Also Known As Blaine Hill Viaduct

53712-53858 National Road
Bridgeport, OH 43912

The Arches of Memory Bridge (also known as the Blaine Hill Viaduct) is an open spandrel rib arch bridge spanning Wheeling Creek in Blaine, Belmont County, Ohio. It is located .9 miles west of County Road 214. It is immediately south of the Blaine S-Bridge.

End to end the bridge measures 754 feet. The arches range from 26 feet to 132 feet in length. The deck is 38 feet wide.

The bridge was designed by D.H. Overman, A.J. Friemoth, K.E. Dumbauld and C.O. Demos and built in 1932; it was rehabilitated in 1982.

The name Arches of Memory was conceived by the Belmont County American Legion in honor of the county's soldiers that fought in World War I.

Catalog Information

Ohio DOT Inventory: 701599

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Arches of Memory Bridge (background)
Arches of Memory Bridge (background). Courtesy of the Library of Congress/Historic American Buildings Survey.

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