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Van Horn Tavern

Formerly/Also Known As Thrailkeld's Tavern

5785 West Van Horn Tavern Road
Columbia, MO 65203

Probably built between 1829-30 by David Gentry, this is one of the oldest taverns still standing in Missouri. Ishmael Van Horn acquired the property in 1841 and the name changed to what we use today. A four-room, two story log structure measuring 21' x 19', it housed travelers of its time including Thomas Hart Benton (who demanded a private room - unheard of at the time) and writer Washington Irving.

A D.A.R. marker on Van Horn Tavern Road (the former Boones Lick Trail and Route 40) marks the tavern's original location. In 1914 the tavern was moved about 300 feet north of its former location and converted into a barn. It was this conversion that has helped the old tavern survive!

Currently, the Boone County Historical Society is working to preserver the tavern. They plan to disassemble the tavern and rebuild it and restore it to its former glory.

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Posted by: Oestba on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 8:24:23 AM

The Van Horn Tavern was moved to Marthasville, Missouri as of September/October 2013. Here is a link to a news article about the move: https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/local/columbia-s-historic-van-horn-tavern-is-headed-east/article_ffde4bc4-9818-5a74-b7f2-5ef96c5233e0.html

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